Hear and Now



CieLaroque invites the audience to participate in a structured improvisation at several venues in Salzburg. Accompanied by their musical wishes, the audience can choose how the whole thing develops according to given structures.

Rhythm and intoxication examines the question of the extent to which interpersonal closeness or the reduction of physical distance creates intimacy in a performative setting or whether this increases the distance between performers and audience. Does such a process of compression literally release centrifugal forces? Does the anonymity of the urban context allow personal rapprochement and networking at all?

The performers create an interactive, participatory puzzle landscape that develops over the course of the performance into a structured chaos, an abstract, energetic maelstrom, a never-ending loop, uninterrupted movement, full of physical intensity. With increasing duration, the public space as an essential part of the piece becomes another performer.


Artistic Direction: Helene Weinzierl


Azahara Sanz Jara, Alberto Cissello, Eli Hooker, Luan de Lima, Jolyane Langlois, Uwe Brauns

Text Peter Huber

a production of CieLAROQUE and SZENE Salzburg