septembren 05 Helge Leiberg (c) Matthias




CieLaroque is working on another experiment in the Carte blanche series, a puzzle landscape with a focus on physical intensity, abstraction, connection and collision. The space, the artists, the audience an energetic maelstrom, an improvisational performance with the ensemble of CieLAROQUE, the painter, sculptor and performer Helge Leiberg and the musicians Jordina Millá and Oliver Stotz.
The surface is there, a blank sheet of paper.
The 6 performers move like pens or brushes or maybe something completely different? Are they only tools or do they define the content of the piece through their presence and thus shape our expectations?

Or do the performers overlay, fulfil, counteract, completely erase these expectations? This performance eludes the typical cieLaroque/helene weinzierl style. Or is it not? Questions arise. Will it be an image that emerges? Is it abstract, or concrete, or does it take place only in the mind? What defines the content? Will there be complete confusion or will there be clear dots that connect? Do you see the same thing as the person next to you? Or something completely different?
RANDOM CIRCLES is a cocktail that is always reinventing itself.


Concept, Artistic Direction: Helene Weinzierl

Live Painting on Overhead projector: Helge Leiberg Performers: Azahara Sanz Jara, Alberto Cissello, Claudia Fürnholzer, Luan de Lima, Nejma Larichi, Uwe Brauns

Live Music: Oliver Stotz & Jordina Millá

Painting: Helge Leiberg, Foto(c) Matthias Creutziger



a coproduction of CieLAROQUE and tanzimpulse Salzburg