India tour: upcoming performances of IT´S ALL ABOUT and AS FAR AS WE ARE and workshops in Bangalore, Bolpur and Calcutta

Jan 27 - Feb 16, 2020

1st station

BANGALORE Jan 28th-Feb 1st

workshops & performances






Companytraining with

Azahara Sanz Jara

(technique) and

Helene Weinzierl (mov. research/composition)

in Salzburg, ARGEkultur,

tanz_house studio

Jan13/20/27 2020

at 8.30-10am

and Companytraining with members of CieLaroque January 21-24 8.30-10 am

in tanz_house studio,ARGEkultur

Next performance of ESCAPE at PERFORMdANCE Salzburg, ARGEkultur,

April 7th, 2020 at 8.30pm