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HABIBI 2196-18
by Yuri Korec & Company
coproduced by CieLAROQUE


It does not really matter where the prisoner of his own fear is. His cell does not have an exit, nor has his situation a resolution. By fearing our true selves, we constantly carry our cells with us and the only world which remains is the world of our images of what would happen, if...

Directed by & choreography: Yuri Korec
Choreography & performance: Lukáš Zahy
Dramaturgy: Jakub Turčan
Music: Oliver Stotz
Light design: Jojo blue
Video: Markus Huber
Video cut/animation: Petra Hinterberger
Idea: Helene Weinzierl in cooperation with Erich Rudolf & Yuri Korec
Co-production: CieLaroque/Helene Weinzierl
Production: Skrzprst

more Info: Yuri Korec & Co.

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